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If you are a leader who see a need to begin to operate more strategically and who wish to be more influential within your organisation or someone with responsibility for the development of IT strategy, then this programme is perfect for you.

Thinking Strategically is a mentoring programme which is purpose built and semi-structured, specifically tailored to support aspiring IT leaders to develop the skills and capabilities required to transition from being operationally focused to being (and being seen to be) operating more strategically.

This mentoring programme will cover these 7 areas.

1. What is strategy anyway?

2. Needs and dynamics – a framework for strategic success
3. Influence – the key to strategic contribution
4. Measurement – a prerequisite of performance
5. It’s not really about technology – The 4 dimensions of a great IT strategy
6. IT Strategy in context.
**a. An organisational perspective
**b. purpose of IT – to add value
7. Technology strategy development
**a Enterprise requirements. Understanding business needs
**b. Create Technology Futures – the IT enabled organisation
**c. Define the Implementation Plan – how are we going to do this
**d. Organisation Enablers. Key capabilities, operating environment
**e. Strategy Diagnostic Process – current, future, gap, priority


What will you get as a result?

  • An understanding of what being strategic actually means
  • A framework to evaluate team performance
  • Understand what drives IT team performance and what they can do about it.
  • Learn how to develop a technology strategy and how to successfully execute that strategy.

The actual amount of time spent will be determined by the needs of the project and the client’s availability to participate in the development process.

In addition, I am available by phone or email at any time during the development process to answer any questions the participants may have.


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