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The purpose of the Thinking Like a CIO mentoring/workshop is to accelerate your success
by leveraging Owen’s expertise and knowledge of how CIOs think and what issues they are likely to be worrying about and why. The programme is a purpose built highly participative programme specifically tailored for professionals who wish to improve their personal sales effectiveness or the sales effectiveness of their teams.

There are four options available in the Thinking Like a CIO Workshop Series. These are:

1. A one hour presentation focusing on the CIOs experience of the sales process and what you can change to differentiate yourself from the competition

2. A half day workshop where in addition to the above the models that underpin How to Think like a CO are introduced and explained.

3. A full day workshop which builds on the how to think like a CIO models and explores in detail the issues that CIOs are likely to have and how to identify and use them to your advantage.

4. A 2 day workshop that provides all the above and puts this into a typical sales perspective including integrating these lessons into sales process training.

There will be a formal review performed after the workshop with the sponsor of the programme. This session will review the high level content of the course, provide an overview of participant feedback and outline what needs to change organisationally to ensure participants utilise their new insights and skills on an ongoing basis.

This programme can also be done through one on one mentoring, which typically consists of 6 sessions as follows:

1. Getting to know each other and goal setting
2. CIO expectations of sales teams
3. Focus on outstanding needs – IT Hierarchy of Needs
4. Leveraging the IT Value Chain
5. Innovation – the right time and place
6. Pulling it all together

There will be a formal review performed after session three to ensure value is being received and we are addressing the participants key issues / concerns. This review may include the participant’s manager or not depending on the formal agreement reached.


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