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The Workshop Series is a series of modules uniquely designed to address the critical issues that stand between your current performance and the ultimate goal of delivering real value through technology.  Each module is delivered via a facilitated workshop and is complete as a stand alone unit of learning.  Individual modules can be combined in whatever way you require to ensure that the learning and growth objectives for your people / organisation are met.  In its entirety the Workshop Series is designed to address. all aspects of what is needed to deliver value from IT.  The modules within the series are:

The Curriculum


ModuleKey Concepts CoveredDuration
The IT Value Primer
  • What is the purpose of IT?
  • What value does your organisation expect IT to deliver?
  • How do you build a world class IT organisation?
  • IT metrics that matter
1 day
Leading for Value
  • Engagement and why you should care
  • Designing work – an organisational perspective
  • Designing work – a people perspective
  • Strategic Execution
1 day
Great technology strategy  – how to effectively technology enable your organisation.Day 1:

  • The 4 stages of strategy and value delivery
  • Business first – understanding context
  • Business second – enterprise requirements and opportunity
  • Technology “futures”

Day 2:

  • Begin with the Technology endgame in mind
  • IT Value Assessment – know where you are
  • Work and organisation design
  • Capability and sourcing
  • Roadmapping – endgame and opportunity
  • Strategic Execution
2 days
Being Influential
  • Conditions required to be influential
  • Thinking like an executive
  • Value propositions
½ day
IT Capability Assessment
  • Defining the organisation’s expectations of IT
  • Defining the IT scorecard
  • Assessing process maturity
  • Identifying and prioritising gaps
  • Action Planning
2 days
Delivering Technology Enabled Business Change
  • Defining project success
  • Capability delivery vs value delivery
  • Value mapping
  • Vision led change and the 8 step change process
  • Great business cases
1 day
  • What is innovation?
  • Disruptive vs sustaining innovation
  • What innovation when?
  • Innovation schemes and structures
  • The value of innovation
1 day
Value Based Governance
  • What is governance anyway?
  • The 4 key focuses for IT governance
  • Understanding technology budgets
½ day
  • What is gamification and what can we learn from game designers?
  • What is the IT game?
  • Applying the rules
  • Building our first quests
1 day



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