Selling to a CIO

How to Sell to a CIO is a 1 or 2 day workshop which covers.

  1. How to think like a CIO including exploring and experiencing the IS Hierarchy of Needs.  IS Hierarchy of Needs is a framework that can be used to help understand where a CIOs focus is likely to be.    If a salesperson applies this framework they can propose solutions that are directly relevant to the CIOs most pressing needs.
  2. How to engage with a CIO.  Standard consultative selling is seldom effective for a time starved, short attention span CXO.  You need to grab their attention and then follow through.  that is you need to do the basics well.  My experience as a CIO  is that 90% of IS Sales people do not do the basics well (e.g. do your research, sell solutions not technology, listen and act, follow-up and be honest at all times)

The feedback we have been receiving suggests that this workshop is unique in the market place.  What makes it unique is that this workshop heavily leverages my CIO experience and comes from a customer perspective. This provides a completely different experience one that s not so much about standard sales training, more about getting all the sales training our team have already had to start working.

It will be a workshop, not a passive seminar. Your team will be hearing valuable new concepts, then getting to try them out the same day. They will by trying out real life sales scenarios and coming up with proposed solutions, approaches and answers.  This approach is being utilised as actively working with the ideas presented will cement the learning and make it much more likely that they will apply these learning outside of the classroom.


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