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Delivering value from IT is a simple enough mandate to understand, however from the work I do with my clients I appreciate actually making it happen can be a significant challenge. Many organisations struggle to understand what value means in the context of their organisation. Even when this has been clearly articulated there can be challenges determining the right path to take – what to focus on now versus in the future, best practice or is good practice sufficient?

These issues can be further compounded by the current performance of your IT environment. Unreliable and ineffective systems, a costly environment, poor project delivery capability and disenfranchised customers are common issues facing many CIO’s and their teams.  If this all sounds familiar then you are unlikely to be delivering the value your organisation wants and needs you to and worse still you are unlikely to have the level of influence with your peers to change the status quo.The journey to value delivery starts with an IT Value Assessment which is a detailed assessment of your current technology and digital capabilities as well as your current performance. It is designed to identify where you are today on your journey to digital leadership and what you need to do now to take the next step on that journey. Get in touch if you are serious about value delivery and want to know more about an IT Value Assessment.|

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