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From IT Guru to Business Influencer Online Course



Strategic selling within the technology industry is not a challenge of product knowledge or sales technique (although they can help) rather it is a challenge of relevance.

To be successful you must be able to demonstrate that you understand the business issues that your clients face and that you are uniquely positioned to solve them.

Therefore, learning to think like an executive and being able to perceive decisions from their perspective is a skill set that will set you apart from your competitors who focus on their products and not the issues of your client executive..

The purpose of my Selling to Executives online programme is to provide participants with a structured approach to developing skills that will improve your relevance with CXOs and ultimately your sales performance.


The curriculum comprises 8 video modules. Participants are encouraged to view one module each fortnight enabling them to practice the learnings between modules. This means that ideally the curriculum is covered and practiced over a three month period although all videos are available for those who wish to hit it hard!

For participants, who feel they would benefit from one on one mentoring to support their online learning, we can also offer two “check in” sessions with Owen McCall. These sessions take place at the midpoint of the programme (after the 3rd video module) and at the end of the programme and are designed to review progress, identify issues, and provide guidance and support as is appropriate to your  specific needs. Please enquire about the cost of this additional service.


The curriculum consists of a series of video modules covering the following topics:

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. An executive view of the sales process
  3. CxO expectations of sales teams
  4. Being trustworthy, a prerequisite for influence
  5. How do CxOs think (even though they might not know it!)
    1. Part 1 – the IT Hierarchy of Needs
    2. Part 2 – the IT Value Chain
  6. Identifying a CIO’s issues
  7. Innovation, it’s all about timing
  8. Positioning value

Each video will include suggested exercises which are designed to support you to make the ideas in the video real.


The cost of this service is $1500.00 + GST payable prior to commencement of the programme. We offer group discounts for organisations who would like to purchase the programme for 4 or more participants.  Information is available on request.

For more information or if you would like to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you.