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As we all know the scale of technology investment is continuing to increase as “digital” becomes more important across all industries. However, regardless of decades of increasing investment in skills, tools and methodologies, today more major change initiatives fail to deliver on the commitments made than ever before. Why is this?  

Through working with my clients to reverse this trend I believe our conventional wisdom on change has failed. The bottom line is if you want to consistently deliver value from your technology investments you need to think differently about innovation and change.

I work with my clients to firstly understand current performance issues and then share with you the secrets to a new change paradigm that I have developed over my years of experience as both a consultant and CIO. With these insights you will be positioned to improve both your effectiveness at delivering IT enabled change and your success rate in delivering value from your technology investments.

Special Offer – If you are interested in learning more you may wish to take advantage of a one hour consultation to share the theory and discuss how it could be applied in the context of your organisation.  

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