Left Brain Leadership

| I have spent a large part of my career leading / managing teams.  I have had my moments of success and my moments of failure as a leader.  I look back at some of the things I have done in the name of leadership and cringe at my crassness and stupidity.  In a recent blog on persistent problems I noted that to be successful in IT we needed to be able to solve both engineering and psychological problems.  In the subsequent conversation on the blog with J. M. Auron Read more..

Defining Digital Competence

In a recent blog I raised the issue that most organisations don’t systematically invest in the digital competence of their team.  Having under invested, they then lament their inability to deliver real tangible value from their technology investments.  You can’t be a digital leader, or expect to realise the full value from your digital investments unless your team members, who use and support your digital enablement and data, are digitally competent. On the surface that makes sense, right?  But it begs a question – what does digital competence mean anyway? Read more..