Failure is Good. Yeah Right!

| It has become very trendy to trumpet the importance of failure.  Many authors, and commentators are encouraging us to fail.  The rationale?  The only way to make progress, to change things, to innovate is to do something, most likely to do something new.  When you try something new there is a chance that it won’t work out the way you expect it too.  That is, you will fail. I get the need for progress.  I get that progress means that you need to try new things.  I get that Read more..

What is Success in Corporate IT?

| It’s 8.50 am and you are working on the IT help desk.  You receive a panicked call from the Chief Executive’s PA.  There is an executive meeting due to start in 10 minutes and she has a number of documents that she needs to print for the meeting.  The problem is that the printer is not working!  What do you do? This scenario is one that my team often use in an interview for new team members.  The answer normally comes in one of two generic forms. In the Read more..