How to Transform Technology from a Negative Disruptive Force to a Positive Opportunity (Start with Why – part 2)

| I recently wrote a blog on the importance of starting our thinking about technology based innovation from the perspective of purpose or as Simon Sinek urges start with why. To me the power of purpose as a starting point for thinking about technology is twofold.  Firstly, purpose tends to be everlasting.  How you fulfill on your purpose may change over time, as technology changes, but your purpose itself changes rarely.  The second is that purpose gives a powerful context for understanding the role of technology. When you start with purpose Read more..

When it comes to digital, always start with why!

| In the third most popular TED Talk of all time Simon Sinek urges leaders to start with why.  Sinek’s message was fairly simple.  Great communicators communicate very differently to most people.  Whereas most people communicate from the outside in, by describing what they do, great communicators communicate from the inside out by describing why they do what they do.  That is, they begin by describing their purpose, their cause, their beliefs.  Sinek argues that this is important as people are inspired by why you do what you do much Read more..