The Three Levels of Influence, and How to Improve Your Level of Influence

  I believe that for technologists to be truly effective they need to not only have great technology skills, but they also need to be influential.  Indeed, I believe that influencing is so important that we need to view it as a technologist’s second expertise.  That’s all very well, but how influential do you need to be and how do you go about building influencing skills. The Needed Geek The needed geek is the entry level of influence for a technologist.  The name itself is somewhat disparaging.  At one level Read more..

Influencing Through Value Propositions

| Value.  As I have mentioned many times in my previous articles the role of IT teams is to use technology to deliver value to their organisation.  One of the biggest challenges to the delivery of IT value is that delivering value through technology is a cooperative act between IT and other teams across the organisation.  While every team is dependant on others to some extent, no team is so dependant on effective cooperation as IT.  Why?  Because IT value is not delivered within IT.  IT value is delivered across Read more..