Sources of IT Value

| I talk and write a lot about value and the ability of IT to deliver real value for organisations. That’s our role, delivering value to our organisations through the smart and effective use of technology and information.  Despite this I have never formally captured my thoughts on what are the sources of value for an organisation and how IT can impact these sources of value.    This blog seeks to address this gap and to provide an overview of what I believe are the six sources of value that Read more..

Defining Digital Competence

In a recent blog I raised the issue that most organisations don’t systematically invest in the digital competence of their team.  Having under invested, they then lament their inability to deliver real tangible value from their technology investments.  You can’t be a digital leader, or expect to realise the full value from your digital investments unless your team members, who use and support your digital enablement and data, are digitally competent. On the surface that makes sense, right?  But it begs a question – what does digital competence mean anyway? Read more..