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Speaking Topics for 2017


From IT Guru to Influencer

Duration: 40 minutes

IT professionals have tremendous knowledge and expertise and can see opportunities and issues that many others cannot. Unfortunately, while they can see opportunity many IT professionals struggle to get buy in to their ideas. Non technical professionals (and some IT management) just don’t seem to “get it” in the same way that IT professionals do. This is not an issue of professional competence this is an issue of influence.

To be truly successful requires great technical expertise and a second expertise, the ability to influence others. If you can build this second expertise then you will we have a bigger impact on your organisations and you will most likely get to work with great technology and make the contribution you want to make. Want to know how to start? This may help.


Value Led Innovation – improving your chances of success.

Duration:  40 minutes

Project success rates, or perhaps more accurately failure rates, are well documented. 70% of change programmes fail to deliver. Over 50% of IT projects fail to deliver. When it comes to digital transformation, the change programme of our time, failure rates are reported as being between 70% and 90%.  The implications of this are clear.  If you plan to deliver your large programme using standard or “best practice” approaches you will likely fail just like everyone else. Why is this and what are the alternatives?


Creating Your Future Through The Transformative Power Of IT.

Duration: 40 minutes

There is little doubt that technology is fundamentally changing how we work, how we play and how we interact. As inspiring as the new possibilities are I am more interested in understanding how to turn possibilities into probabilities and probabilities into reality. While the technology is interesting the greater challenge is in using technology to create the future of our choosing, rather than simply watching the new world pass us by.

Doing this, however, is easier said than done. Our track record of using technology to transform is more often a road to failure than it is a road to fulfillment. Why is this and what can you do to tilt the odds in our favour and make what’s possible, probable?


Paid To Do Nothing – a strategic approach to delivering IT’s potential.

Duration: 40 minutes

Ultimately, CIOs are responsible for delivering value to the organisation through the smart use of technology. However, CIOs don’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) do any actual technical work that directly contributes to fulfilling this responsibility. What then can the CIO do to contribute to high performance? It all starts by thinking about performance strategically.