I believe in the power of technology to make a difference to organisations, communities and individuals and I am committed to help make that happen. I have come to realise I cannot do this by doing traditional projects for my clients. Sure I can deliver a successful project but is it sustainable? Does it really build the capability you need to deliver on technology’s true potential?  The sad reality is very seldom, if ever, does a project translate into a sustainable capability to deliver on IT’s potential.

I have learnt that a better approach is to “walk with you”, committed to your success, as you and your team take the journey from wherever you are today to becoming a value adding world class IT organisation.

My Partnering service gives you ongoing access to expert advice and proven methods to define what value is in the context of your organisation and someone to stand with you as you strategically position and deliver it.

When you sign up to a one year Bronze Partnership you will have access to the following services:

  • a short form online IT Value Assessment of current state performance including a debriefing on the outcomes.
  • access to one workshop of your choice to develop you and your team (or an equivalent alternative service as agreed).
  • 6 one on one sessions where we will discuss and address any issues preventing you from delivering value.
  • a semi annual formal review of progress and recommendations for next steps.
  • ongoing access to Owen via email and phone for ad hoc support and advice.
  • preferential entry to the IT Value Breakfast Series monthly event.
  • preferential access to Owen for your other initiatives as requested.
  • access to members only website and free resources.
  • subscription to Owen’s monthly newsletter.

A bronze partnership is most relevant for medium sized corporates.  That is, organisations that have IT teams of up to 10 people.  Silver and Gold partnerships offer additional services and benefits for larger organisations or those seeking additional services.  These include:

     Bronze  Silver Gold
Baseline support available in all Partnerships.      Yes  Yes Yes
Additional coaching and mentoring for yourself or other key members of your team.       x  Monthly Monthly – 2 People
Additional access to the Workshop series to develop yourself and your team.       x Additional workshop available Additional workshop available
A formal review of progress and recommendations for next steps.       x Quarterly Quarterly
Facilitation of IT strategy development.       x  x Yes
A QA review of an agreed priority project.       x  x Yes


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