Many of the IT professionals I work with have tremendous knowledge and expertise and as a result they can see opportunities and issues that not many others can see. I’ve also noticed that many of these experts struggle to get buy in to their ideas.  Non technical professionals (and some IT management) just don’t seem to “get it” in the same way that IT professionals do.  In contrast I’ve noticed the great relationships IT sales teams have with non technical professionals.  Of course they are well funded and trained in the art of sales.  

I realised that for IT professionals to be successful and have the impact that they want to have requires not only great technical expertise but also requires a second expertise, the ability to influence others.  If you can build this second expertise then not only will you have a bigger impact for your organisations but you will most likely get to work with great technology and make the contribution you want to make.

To address this need I have created an online community dedicated to supporting IT professionals who realise that making a real difference requires both technical expertise and influencing skills.  If you choose to join the community you will get access to the community resources for a 6 month period.  The resources available to you include a purpose built curriculum to help you build and hone your influencing skills, an online forum to share your experiences with like minded peers, a monthly coaching webinar where Owen will answer your questions and provide further insight into the skills of influence.

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