Consulting & Advisory 


My consulting and advisory services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  If you would like to talk about your needs please get in touch with me and let’s discuss how I can help.

IT Value Assessment

An IT Value Assessment is a detailed assessment of your current IT capabilities and performance, designed to identify where you are today on your journey to World Class and what you need to do now to take the next step on that journey. My approach is to do this in a factual non judgmental way, culminating in the provision of a formal report and recommendations.

Strategy Facilitation

Creating an effective strategy that will meet the organisation’s wants and needs is perhaps the single most important thing a leader needs to do. Too often, however, organisations outsource their strategy development process and in return receive a list of initiatives they don’t own and can’t implement. To be effective, your strategy must be implementable and owned by you.  Rather than developing the strategy for you, my approach is to support you to create your own strategy.

Specifically I will:

  • provide you with access to practical and proven frameworks, methods and tools that will guide you through the review and strategy management process.
  • coach you on the step by step use of the frameworks, methods and tools and how to apply them to your organisation.
  • review and comment on the outputs you produce to ensure you obtain a robust and usable result.
  • support you in preparation of any presentations you need to communicate and “sell” the outcome.


Strategic QA

Organisations invest in IT based upon the expectation that it will underpin their strategy and add significant value. The reality, however, is that less than half of the projects undertaken actually deliver the promised benefits.  If the project is large and complex, then the statistics are even worse, with most researchers agreeing that less than 30% of change initiatives succeed.

The purpose of my Strategic QA service is to help you to improve the odds.  I do this by providing an independent expert review of your critical initiatives.  This is achieved through comparing the current state of your project to the known project success factors (note, we do not look at project failure as we are not trying to avoid failure, rather we are working towards creating the conditions of success).

Typically my Strategic QA service encompasses two streams of work:

Stream 1: Focuses on establishing regular ongoing health reviews and effective reporting to project management, project steering committees and if required the organisation’s executive.

Stream 2:  Involves facilitation of critical issue workshops with key project stakeholders, which are designed to move the project towards creating conditions of success.

Engaging CIOs

Engaging CIOs is a service that seeks to support technology company executives, sales and marketing teams to become more relevant and effective.  I do this by teaching my clients how to “think like a CIO”.  Leveraging my extensive experience as a management consultant with Deloitte, as well as my time spent as a CIO, I am well positioned to understand how CIOs think and what issues they are likely to be worrying about and why.  I prefer to deliver this service through a combination of workshops, to introduce the core concepts, and ongoing mentoring sessions to cement learning and translate the insights into action.  However, I am happy to customise this service to suit the specific needs of your organisation.*


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